Do you study seriously but are not sure of the path you are taking?

Do you want to learn to play, but have only 60 minutes a day?

Do you have a great passion, but haven't found the right guide yet?

Online Classical Guitar Lessons

With a personalized study plan

that takes into account your

work, family and personal commitments.


"Don't give up on the Music that follows your time."

Find out more about Online Classical Guitar Lessons

Let's define your goals together

I identify your typical day

I create a personalized study plan

"What is it for

study all day if you don't know

what, how and for how long? "

- Flavio Sala

What is an Online Lesson?

An Online Lesson is ...

An opportunity for Professionals and Enthusiasts of any age, who want:

• learn to play the guitar from scratch

• to deepen the studies previously started or in progress

• get out of a stalemate or didactic confusion

• repair exams or recover years of Conservatory

• prepare for the entrance exam in the Conservatory

• reconcile the study with one's own commitments and the time available

The ideal solution for those who:

• Attends school

• Goes to the University

• Works 8 hours a day

• Has a family

• Travels often

• Has no time to accompany his children to lessons.

Nothing replaces a Live Lesson.

But an Online Lesson is...

almost the same!

I have developed Study Plans for

managers, doctors, entrepreneurs, parents,

students, teenagers, children...


Professional and passionate guitarists from:


Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, United Arab Emirates,

United States, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Australia,

Honduras, Brazil, India, Russia, Japan


have already chosen my Online Guitar Lessons:

• 60 minute sessions

• face to face

• completely online (on Skype or Zoom)

• LIVE, in real time

• from the comfort of your home