An intimate concert, surrounded by Picasso's art.

New Discographical Project!

Well, more than a new discographical project: original music...8 unreleased tracks, recorded in Rome by a sound engineer of exception: Giovanni Baglioni.

We had a lot of fun and I would like to tell you all about this long story ;)

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Flavio Sala :)

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Flavio Sala: World Fusion in Classical Guitar Style.

"Play what you think. Always."

Flavio Sala is about to launch his new recording project (on tour in Russia, between March and April 2019) in which, for the first time, he presents himself as a guitarist and a composer. "The era in which I appeared on stage with my guitar and my uncomfortable elegant suit, I played piece by piece, no words, I bowed and" thank you, goodbye" is over. Now I have an authentic story to share and my music gives me the opportunity to tell who I am, where I come from and where I am going."

Born in Bojano, a small town in the region of Molise, in 1983, Flavio Sala comes from a family with over 100 years of musical tradition. "I was sure I could not play, because I'm left-handed. One day my father put a guitar into my arms and showed me some chords. As soon as I touched the strings, I immediately realized I had found my way. I was just 7."

Winner of prizes in the most prestigious guitar competitions (Gargnano 2001, Michele Pittaluga 2003, San Francisco 2004, Alirio Diaz 2006, Alexander Tansman 2008), Flavio Sala has appeared with the Jury Bashmet New Russia Orchestra, the Turin and Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orquesta Sinfonica de Venezuela, with the Vladimir Spivakov's "Virtuosi di Mosca's" String Quartet, has played repeatedly at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow (replacing once the flamenco guitarist Gerardo Núñez), at the Hermitage Theater in St. Petersburg, at the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires, at the Grand Teatro das Artes in Belo Horizonte, at the Politeama Theater of Palermo, giving concerts in:

Italy, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Argentine, Uruguay, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, United Arab Emirates eand nited States of America.

"Playing the guitar is like closing the door to the world and enter a kind of state of grace. It becomes your life: you do what  you love as you go around the world, meet new people, new friends, fans, women...sharing the love for this instrument that many believe to be boring. This make me deeply sad. Yet when you eat a bad lasagna it's always the chef's fault!"


I love to see a 30 year-old guitarist knock my socks off!”

Steve Howe

"Flavio Sala is the new Paganini of the guitar."

Alirio Diaz