HOUSE CONCERTS: what they are and how to set them up.

Have you ever thought to surprise your wife, husband, son, daugther on the birthday or anniversary by inviting the artist you love to play at your home for her/him? 

Have you ever dreamt about giving your family and your best friends an unforgettable experience at your home as a special gift? 

Have you ever imagined to listen to live music in an intimate, unique and special way?  

And what about the privilege to have an artist playing exclusively for you and the people you love?


(Flavio Sala warming up before a House Concert.)

HOUSE CONCERTS are all about that: one of the most beautiful experiences you could have! 

Besides they are pretty popular in the USA, still many people don't know what they are, how to set them up and how they work. 

It's very easy! 

I think that one of the reasons House Concerts are becoming more and more popular is because they are so easy to plan: 

- A minimum of 20+ people, of course it depends on how much room you have, but you get the idea. 

- the host offers food, drinks, etc (kind of buffet, usually), it's really up to you. 

- no sound system required (usually, but I would consider a sound system the concert will take place outside, like backyards, etc...) 

- they are private, so there is no promotion/advertising costs

About the financial arrangement: usually $20 per guest and tips are always very welcome :) There are two ways to handle that: 

1) the host can collect all donations in advance (at the door) 
2) the host makes a single donation, so he pays for everybody. 

A donation gives more value to the event and it is very appreciated by the artist :) 

It would be great if you could provide a small table to put my CDs on sale

It's that easy! :) 

I will play two sets of 30 minutes each. I have a very wide repertoire, from Bach to Santana. 

I like to have an intermission (15 or 20 minutes is fine) so your friends could have a cup of coffee, another drink, etc... 

After the concert I will be very happy to take pictures with you, give autographes and answer your questions

A formal contract will be sent to the host and signed in double copy, one for the host and one for the artist. 



That's great!

Please, click here, scroll down and send me a message through the contact form 
or send me an email to me, and let's chat :)


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    I am glad to read this article.

    I am glad to read this article.

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