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"It's true, I can play!" - (July 1st, 2017)

I was born in a family of musicians, 4 generations of musicians: my great-grandmother, my grandfather and my father, all graduated in piano. My grandfather, born in 1907, also completed the composition and conducting studies at the "Conservatorio

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My approach to the flamenco. (Eng, Esp, Ita)

Naples. Palapartenope. While I prepare nervously the old audiocassette recorder that my father had given me, suddenly I hear the six open strings playing, one by one. An unusual tuning, but I already knew what he was going to play…

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Breakaway Daily: Interview with Guitarist Flavio Sala

Italian born Flavio Sala has been captivating all kinds of audiences around the world with his amazing abilities on the guitar. He has played as a soloist and with orchestras around the world, in important festivals, theatres and concert halls…

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Hi friends,

I am so happy: my new website is ready and online! 

Navigating the Home you get all the "on the road" and upcoming projects: my new discographical project "Mi Guitarra y Mis Amores"…

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